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Kate's Column: August 12, 2021

We are now just over a month into our life together.  It has been so wonderful getting to know you all and finding my way into the rhythm of life. As we come into fall, I'm excited to dive into more discipleship and community work with you.  


I believe God has great plans for Grace.  Over the summer, we have increased the number of community groups renting space in our buildings.  It has allowed us to form new partnerships, be a resource for our neighbors, and generate needed income.  As we continue expanding the sharing of our space, we increase the ministry in which we participate. 


Looking forward to Fall, we are gearing up more discipleship opportunities.  Tuesday evening Bible study begins next week; children's Sunday School and Music will start September 12.  Messy Church will begin in September, and Pumpkins are coming in October.  Amidst all this activity, Future with Hope is having conversations about our core values and identity.  They will host small groups in the fall to share some of their work. 


Church leadership is keeping a wary eye on the COVID situation.  Right now, hospitalizations are very high.  It is still safe for us to continue meeting in person, as long as we also continue taking precautions like masking, social distancing, and vigilant hygiene.  We are also working toward live streaming our Sunday service and offering online content for families who need to engage from home.  Church cannot wait COVID out, but we can rise to the challenge and continue growing in faith in the midst of it. 


I hope that you will find a place to grow and a place to serve at Grace.  If you want help connecting with a group, let me know.  If you have stories or ideas to share, I'd love to hear them.  And please join me in praying for our Church and leadership. 

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