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Kate's Column: October 21, 2021

We can’t vs we can 

Sunday restarted a new Sermon Series in worship called wayfinding it is part of a Season of vision casting that will include recommendations coming out of Future with Hope the 2022 budget Coming to Church Council, and a transition from the current leadership structure to a more sustainable one Board model 

As we enter this new season in our church's life one thing that Will help us succeed is an examination of our attitudes about faith and our future 

Several studies of growing and declining Churches have shown that 5 attitude shifts are common to churches Who turn around and succeed in making disciples. 

First churches that decline and struggle tend to focus on what they can't do while growing Churches focus on what they can. 

 In difficult seasons it's easy to get bogged down by the things we lack and the roadblocks we encounter. But constant conversations about limitations drain the life out of any group.  

God is a waymaker. Again and again, when the people of God had no idea how they would move forward God provided a path God parted seas provided prophets offers inspiration and opened new opportunities to take a page from Henry Ford, churches who believe they can and those who believe they can't are both right. 

One blessing of this new season is a chance t explore what we can do what is possible. 

What do you believe Grace can do right now?  

Share the things that are giving you hope On our Social media 

And next week we'll look at the 2nd attitude shift that will help us embrace our call 

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