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Mary's Message: December 2, 2021

Advent is a time to wait.
I teach the children this song during chapel each week of Advent. The song mentions that it's not quite time to celebrate. I know in this crazy season leading up to Christmas that it is really easy to get sidetracked by the things of the season, like lights, giving the perfect present, finding all the deals, and even giving on the right day. After almost two years in this pandemic, this season that usually brings joy is bringing me a little more angst than usual. I am tired of waiting for this pandemic to be over. I am tired of hearing about supply chain delays. I am tired of almost everything.
But what we wait for during Advent isn't just about the things of Christmas; what we wait for is the hope that the birth of the Christ child brings every year. We wait for the restoration of the world to the peaceable kingdom that is talked about in scripture. Christ continually calls us to be about that work of building the kingdom through every small and large thing that we do for others. As we share smiles, lights on our house, the gift of food with a stranger, or even Shoeboxes for Seniors or gifts to children on the Angel Tree, know that you are being about God's work in the world.
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