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Mary's Message: November 4, 2021

Skip the episode.

Before the fall previews started, I learned that a major character was leaving the show she was on. There is always the question of how they will right off a character, but as the season started, I knew there was only one way for her to leave the show: the character's death.

It has been a month since the episode aired, and I still have not watched the episode. It's been a long, hard almost two years of the pandemic, and I decided my heart and emotions just couldn't take another loss. Even a fictional one. So I decided to skip the episode.

If you find yourself in a situation that is too hard, it's okay to skip the episode. Take a pause. Be kind to yourself.

This Sunday is All Saint's Sunday. A day for us to mourn and grieve those who we have lost this past year. If you find this Sunday too hard to experience together, know that your church is praying for you. I encourage you to light a candle wherever you are, for all that you mourn.

Thank you again to everyone that donated time, energy, and bought pumpkins from the patch. This was our best sales year yet! Don't forget that this Wednesday is Messy Church! I hope you will join us.


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