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Mary's Message: October 21, 2021

When Lost Things are Found 


For most of a year, I read stories to the children during the pandemic. What started out as an easy way to stay connected during the pandemic morphed into a little mini Sunday school time where I tried to match up a story from my bookshelf, and then a story from my children’s Bible, to that week’s sermon topic. I was really excited for this practice because I have a lot of “favorite” books and most of them are too long for a children’s time. 


I remember being particularly frustrated last year when I couldn’t find the book that I wanted to read. It was a book called The Three Cups and it was about a very important gift a father gave his child. He gave the child three warn and beaten up cups, which of course the child was confused by, then he explained that one was for giving, one for saving, and one for spending. I really wanted to use this book as a lesson on tithing with the children, but to my frustration, I could not find it, until yesterday! The book WAS on my bookshelf at church, it had just gotten pushed to the back of my shelf, and because it was skinnier than all my other books, I could not see it.  


As we continue to work our way through our wayfinding series, as a church, we should celebrate the small and large victories that our church has weathered in the past and during the pandemic. Our patch is doing even better than last year, which was a banner year, and our Epicurean Market is back and even running twice a month. Enrollment for the day school remains at full capacity, and we have even hired a new facilities manager at church. New families continue to visit the church each week, and I have seen some old faces return to worship once again. Those returning faces remind me that a simple invite back or to church could mean the difference between someone coming to church. 


What small or big thing can you celebrate over the past year and a half? Rejoice when lost things are found, when projects flourish, and when things feel more normal.  



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