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Signs: Jesus Walking on Water

John’s gospel is typically divided into two major parts.  The first part, often called “The Book of Signs” is found in chapters 1-12.  The second part is often called, “The Book of Glory” and contains chapters 13-20, with the 21st and last chapter commonly viewed as an appendix or alternate ending to John.  Over the next seven weeks, we will spend our time in “The Book of Signs” and closely examine each of the seven signs of Christ.  We’ll largely do two things with every sign.  We will look at it academically and contextually.  We’ll see if we can learn any insight that might have been lost on us due to the fact that we aren’t first century Hebrew people.  And the second way we will examine each of the seven signs is through the lens of 21st century living.  How are these signs relevant to me?  What do these signs tell me about Christ, about God, about the Holy Spirit? Is there any logical application to our lives today?  Or is the “unbridgeable gap of time” simply to overcome?

Here is an outline of the sermon series:
July 17:  John 2:1-11 – Changing water into wine
July 24:  John 4:46-54 – Healing the royal official's son
July 31:  John 5:1-5 – Healing the paralytic
August 7:  John 6:5-14 – Feeding the 5000
August 14:  John 6:16-24 – Jesus walking on water
August 21:  John 9:1-7 – Healing the man blind from birth
August 28:  John 11:1-45 – The raising of Lazarus

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