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A Message from Mary: Back to School

It’s back t o school season, and since my little is headed to kindergarten, school is on my mind. On Sunday during children’s time, I talked about worry with the children and asked who was worried about the start of school. Several raised their hands. At chapel, we talked about Adam and Eve’s story and how they had to leave the garden to go to a new place. We also talked about how God went with them, and how God will go with us too to our new schools and classrooms. We have some nervous students (and parents) about to go back to school.
I invite you to pray as everyone gets ready to go back to school. Even if you don’t have children in your life that are going back to school, those that are going back will appreciate the prayers.  So here are my suggestions on prayer for the next few days.
Wednesday: Pray for the students going to school. Some will go for the first time. Some will go to a new school. Some will return to their familiar school and go into a new classroom.
Thursday: Pray for the teachers. Some will be seasoned teachers. Others will be new. Pray that their year starts out great, and that they will have patience, and wisdom as they prepare their lessons.
Friday: Pray for parents. Pray for them as they let their little ones go. Pray for them as they start or resume schedules.
Saturday: Pray for the administration and support staff. They make sure the teachers are able to teach and that the school runs efficiently.
Sunday: Pray for all those who come to be blessed at the church! Pray that the school supplies that we donate will bless students.
Monday: Pray for a great first day for everyone. Pray that everyone pays a little extra attention while driving.
Finally, you heard the call and have answered generously with school supplies and uniforms. If you haven’t yet brought your supplies, please do so by Sunday. If you want to purchase something extra, small polos (white or navy) and uniform shorts (khaki or navy) are always useful. Other supplies like hand sanitizer, wipes, expo markers, and composition notebooks are always needed.
On Sunday, we will be celebrating the teachers in our midst and the start of school with a potluck lunch. I hope you are able to attend and that you will bring something if you are able.

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