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A Message from Mary: Back to the Busyness of Life

It is the second full week of January, and if you are having a month like mine, it sped up pretty fast after the haze of the holidays. Since I am of “advanced maternal age” and pregnant, that means more appointments, and it’s almost Girl Scout Cookie Time for our young Daisy Troop meeting at the church, and I am working on the next several Messy Churches while having the idea of VBS looming overhead.
But, I am reminded of Mr. Rogers. Years ago, he did an interview on Johnny Carson. Mr. Rogers exchanged his cardigan for a suit and tie, but he did not lose his slow, metered cadence. Johnny Carson found it so funny to be talking with him that he could barely contain his laughter, and Mr. Rogers told him it was okay to laugh. He was his authentic self on screen with the children, and off screen with everyone else. He allowed himself time to be quiet, to reflect, and even allowed himself the freedom to remove distractions.
He said in an interview, “That our world needs more time to wonder and to reflect about what is inside, and if we take time we can often go much deeper as far as our spiritual life is concerned than we can if there’s constant distraction.”
Even though life is very busy, it’s okay to slow down and to take some breaths. I liked hearing the breathing exercise that they taught at one of our children’s schools: you hold out one hand, and take a finger to run it over each digit. In as you trace up the digit, out as you trace down. Just a small exercise like this can help you find a little bit of centering calm in the chaos. Maybe we can take some of Mr. Rogers’ teaching to heart and find a little time for quiet.
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