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A Message from Mary: Grandparent's Day

Grandparents Day
Grandparents are so important in the lives of children. I was lucky to grow up with three of my grandparents involved in my life well into adulthood. I remember how my mom’s mom would sometimes call before she showed up at our house. Sometimes that call was half an hour before she showed up, sometimes it was a few days before she was coming. I remember how my grandfather on my dad’s side asked to see my “new watch” when he noticed my engagement ring on my finger. I remember bringing Grace to visit my grandmother on my dad’s side in the nursing home, and how her face and everyone else’s would light up as she explored everything. Grandparents aren't just babysitters, they are people invested in seeing their grandchildren grow up well.
We are having a celebration of grandparents on Sunday, September 22 during the Sunday School hour (9:30 AM). We will have breakfast, a craft, and a chance to take a picture and make a memory. I encourage you to invite your grandparents or grandchildren to this event. If your grandparent doesn't live close, let me know so that I can connect you with a church grandparent. If you want to be a church grandparent, let me know that too. This way we can celebrate the grandparents and that special bond that they have with their grandchildren.


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