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A Message from Mary: I Thank My God for You

One of my almost weekly activities is checking and repacking the worship bags that are in the Narthex. These bags are designed to help children stay occupied during church, and help children learn about God on their level. One of the items in the bags is called a Tangle. It is a little toy that is flexible, and it can help children that fidget a lot. The problem with the Tangle is that it can come apart if you pull on it hard enough. Today, as I went through the bags, I found a small pile of the individual pieces of the Tangle.
It would have been very easy to get annoyed at this child, but as I attached the pieces back together, I prayed for the child and his or her parents. I thanked God for this child’s creativity and focus on this toy. I thanked God that maybe it provided the parents a chance to focus on worship while the child focused on the toy. I thank God that parents made a decision to take this child to worship on this day.
It’s easy to get frustrated, but it can be just as easy to turn around that frustration into a prayer. Prayer can help us refocus on situations and see the ways that God is at work. I hope you will look for little moments where you can give thanks to God in all things as we move closer to Thanksgiving.

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