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A Message from Mary: It's Still Easter

My mom and I were reminiscing about Easters when I was a child, and we talked about how my best friend and I got the biggest kick out of hiding and re-hiding Easter Eggs for each other, long after Easter Sunday was over. But Easter isn’t just a day.
I got a funny look when I posted the question, “How long is Easter?” to the Confirmation Class. I explained that Easter actually lasts until the day of Pentecost, so it’s fifty days long. (Pente means five in Greek.)  We are still celebrating the Risen Lord. We are still reading stories that describe how people first heard that Jesus is not dead, that he is alive.
Maybe engaging young children with Eastertide means that you continue to hide empty eggs and find them and talk about how the tomb was empty. Maybe engaging older children in Eastertide means finding a way to share their understanding of the resurrection with another person. Maybe it means you daily ask each other, “Where did you see Jesus today?”
Those faith forming moments can really make a difference. Back at the start of my time at Grace, I mentioned praying with your children whenever you see a first responder drive by. Now my child often prompts these prayers, and she is starting to add in her own comments as we pray. It took me instigating the prayer for a few months before she started reminding me to do so. Talking about where we see Jesus in the world around us, since he IS risen, can be a very profound question to engage with as a family.

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