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A Message from Mary: Look for the God Moments

After a very crazy June, I have found July to have a slower pace, which has been good for my spirit. Today, families are joining me to meet up at the Mounted Police Station to visit with the horses on their break. We will be bringing lots of carrots and apples to feed them. After we feed them, I will read a little bit of Genesis and talk about how God created everything and declared it good, AND God gave us a great responsibility to care for the earth and all that’s in it. When you do something as a family, like the zoo, you can take a fun moment and turn it into a Holy one by relating activities to the Bible. This really helps kids (and you!) connect what is in the Bible with their daily lives.
It’s also important to look for the little “God moments” when you see God’s blessings unfolding. I was fretting last week about where I would get Legos for Lunch and Legos in a few weeks. (Those things are expensive!) So my best friend suggested to ask parenting groups online for donations, and it worked! Ask and ye shall receive. I’m thankful for the community we live in, and how we all support one another’s children. I’m also excited to help children connect their Lego play with the Bible!
It’s important to look for God at work in your life and to help your children look for God at work in their lives. This is how we make Disciples.


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