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A Message from Mary: Ordinary Time

We are in the church season known as “Ordinary Time.” It’s the time in between seasons, such as Advent and Lent or Pentecost and Advent. There is a lot of “ordinary” time in the church year, and another name for it is also “ordinal time” because we say things like “the fifth Sunday after Pentecost” as we count the Sundays in the in-between time.
It may not feel like “ordinary” time to you right now though. I know it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season in my house and for my troop. So that has meant a lot of webinars, receipts, money, and a constant check to see who needs what cookies. And then there is Valentine’s Day, at the end of this week, and so on. Life is a constant juggle of schedules, and I know it was a little rough for me to adjust to it being a new year.
Even though the season of Lent has not yet begun, when you work in a church, your focus is already there and beyond as you plan for the services and theme of the weeks. Last week, as I introduced the song and verse for February to the children at chapel, I gave them a preview for the end of the month. Ash Wednesday is February 26th, which means that we get to start singing their much-requested song, “The Cross is Not the End.” I try to focus on a song and theme a month so that the children can learn it better. February is love, and love continues as we move into Lent.
I hope you take a moment in this time between seasons to give thanks for what is and what is about to come.
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