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A Message from Mary: The Cross is Not the End

Who will show us the way? Jesus shows us the way.
Chapel time during Lent has had a literal road that Jesus is on as he goes to Jerusalem. He encountered many people along the way, and during Holy Week, the children are experiencing the palms, foot washing, a special meal, and even Good Friday. Holy Week brings up so many emotions as we remember that the very same crowd that welcomed Jesus excitedly on Sunday was crying for his execution by Friday. The people did not get the savior they expected, they got the one that they needed, and they turned away.
But the cross is not the end. I have been singing a song, “And Love Can Never End” by Mark Burrows, about Easter with the children all during Lent. The words are simple and yet profound. “The cross is not the end. The cross is not the end. A brighter day will come my friends, the cross is not the end. The sun will rise again. The sun will rise again. The darkness does not win my friend, the sun will rise again. And love can never end. And love can never end. The deepest wounds will heal my friend, and love can never end.”
Easter is coming. Darkness does not win. Wounds heal. Love never ends.
Remembering the suffering, death, and love that Jesus had for us makes Easter seem so much brighter. I hope that you will join us for Holy Thursday and Good Friday services this week, but if you can’t, I hope that you will spend some time in reflection on all that happens during Holy Week.
On Easter, we will celebrate by putting flowers on the Flowering Cross, and by selecting another animal for our Heifer donation, so please bring back your Heifer box for your offering if you took one home.

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