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Collin's Column: Easter Sunday

Greetings all in the name of Christ!

Well, this is it.  This Sunday is THE Sunday in the Christian calendar towards which virtually every other Sunday looks.  This Sunday is Easter Sunday.  And it is going to be a big celebration!  Every Easter Sunday is an exciting day, but this one is especially so since this will be the first time we’ve been able to gather for in-person worship in an incredible 54 weeks.  For some of us, that means it will have been 54 weeks since we’ve last seen each other.  For others, it means you have even driven past the church building in 54 weeks.  But we’re back.  And, barring some large outbreak in COVID-19, I imagine we’re back for good.  And it feels great.

However, even though we’re back to in-person worship, the worship service will look a bit different as we’re still trying to be as cautious as possible.  Here are some of the ways Easter Sunday will be different:

  • We will not be having our usual coffee hour prior to worship this Sunday
  • The worship schedule is different.  We’ll have a short 7 AM sunrise service, followed by traditional services at 9 AM & 11 AM.  We’re trying to keep attendance at all three services to less than 50, so if you’d like to guarantee you and your family a spot in worship, you must reserve a spot by CLICKING HERE.  If you come to worship without registering, we’ll ask that you wait until everyone who has registered is seated.
  • We won’t pass the peace at the beginning of worship.
  • We won’t be providing bulletins.  You’ll be able to scan a QR code with your smartphone to view the order of worship.
  • We’re going to ask that we register our attendance electronically.  We’ll give instructions on how to do that each Sunday.
  • For your offering, you must drop it in the offering plate as you come into worship, or as you head to your car.  We won’t be passing the offering plate around. Giving electronically at is always an option as well.
  • We must wear a mask at all times while inside the sanctuary. 
  • We must attempt to social distance.  To aid in that process, the sanctuary pews are taped off to help us maintain a safe distance while seated.  There are some areas in the pews that have larger places to sit that are intended for those with large families.  There are also areas that are intended for smaller families or those without children.  The different areas will be clearly labeled for you.

With all of the extra precautions we’re taking to try and keep everyone safe, I want to encourage you to stay home if you don’t yet feel comfortable venturing out into public.  For at least the rest of the year, and likely beyond, we will still be offering an online worship service that will be shown on Facebook Live and on our website.

Yes, things will be different for a little while but here is the Good News – we’re back to in-person worship, and I’m very excited!  And we’re coming back on the day that Christ reminds us that he has defeated death on our behalf.  We’re returning to in-person worship on a day that we’ll collectively remember that no matter the mess we’ve made, or the mess we witness around us in the world, Christ has restored our lives and we can live as a forgiven people!

I can’t wait to greet you in person this Sunday at the RESURRECTION PLACE!

Yours in Christ,

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