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Collin's Column: Seeing Grey


Greetings all in the name of Christ!
With a bit of a chill in the air (finally) and Halloween in less than a week, we’re officially entering my favorite time of year – THE HOLIDAYS  For our church, the holidays don’t mean getting gifts.  It means giving.
Here are some ways for you to give in the next few weeks:
  1. Buy some food bags for our students at Burrus elementary.  See a list of needed items below.  These items need to be delivered to the church office by Tuesday, November 17th.
  • 1 Can Green Beans
  • 1 Can Corn
  • 1 Can of Fruit
  • 1 Small Can Pumpkin or Pumpkin Pie Mix
  • 1 Can Evaporated Milk
  • 1 Small Can Yams/Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 Pack Muffin or Roll Mix
  • 1 Can Cranberry Sauce
  • 1 Package/Box of stuffing mix
  • 1 Bag of Rice
  • 1 Bag or Can of Beans
  • 1 Large or 2 Small boxes of Jello
  • 1-2 Cans or Jars of Turkey Gravy
  • 1 Small Box Instant Mashed Potatoes
  • 1 Box of Tea
  • 1 Box of Brownie or Cake Mix with Icing
  1. Purchase some much needed items for our food pantry.  The pantry is currently in need of canned beans, canned fruit, ramen noodles, and breakfast cereal.  Bring these items to the church office, please.
See you this Sunday,


Greetings all in the name of Christ!
With just a few short weeks left until the election, the country certainly is in a tizzy!  Campaign ads are all around us, too.  In our mailboxes, on our social media, and certainly on our televisions.  And while there are the (very) few ads that don’t take a negative stance, they are few and far between.  And frankly, I am a bit tired of it.  I don’t like it, I don’t find it effective and negatively speaking about an opposing candidate doesn’t influence my vote.  It never has, and I don’t think it really ever will.  But year in and year out, our politicians consistently “go negative” in their ads and so I also figure that they must see some sort of success from being negative.  What about you?  Does negativity in political ads speak to you?  Does it sway the way you think?  The way you vote?  Perhaps you’re like me and wondered, “How should we as Christians engage and respond to such negativity?”
In an attempt to shed some light on this topic, this week in worship we’ll turn to the Epistle of James and see what, if anything, he can tell us about participating in negativity.  If you watched my weekly devotional this past Wednesday, you got a little bit of a preview of what I’ll be talking about.  What ought our words for used for if we claim to be followers of Christ?
I hope to see you this Sunday in the HOW SHOULD WE ENGAGE IN POLITICS place.
Yours in Christ,





Greetings all in the name of Christ!
This week in worship, we begin a new sermon series called, “Seeing Grey in a world of black and white.”  As I was in 2016, I am keenly aware of a political divide in our country between republicans and democrats.  This division is somewhat new.  Within my lifetime, politicians from opposite sides of the aisle USED to be able to get along.  People who voted for different candidates or supported opposite political parties USED to be able to get along.  And let’s face it.  Largely, that is still the case.  I have good friends who support vote very differently than me.  And we are aware of that fact.  AND we,::GASP:: still get along!  But we would be naïve to conclude that just because many of us are still able to remain friends despite differing political opinions that there isn’t a deep and frankly concerning divide in our country.
Thus, over the next three weeks leading up to the election, we will be discussing some of the wisdom that John Wesley bestowed upon us.  And to answer a question some of you may have, no, I will not be encouraging you to vote for a specific party or candidate.  That isn’t my role as your pastor.  I will absolutely be encouraging you to vote in general, but the party and person are totally up to you.  But, seeing as how early voting in our area has already begun, MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE!
Also, a few words about the merger. We are going to release the recording of the conversation our church had with Fair Haven UMC about 10 days ago.  Any of you are more than welcome to watch it, but if you weren’t able to participate in the call, I think that it is VERY important for you to spend some time watching it.  I have asked several of you to be on a merger committee that I’ve called, “A future with hope team” who will begin thinking through some of the high level questions that we will need to ask as a congregation, and they will also be responsible for creating a merger document on which we will vote at a church conference later this year.
Finally, THE PUMPKINS ARE COMING!  This Saturday, October 17 at 9 AM, we will take delivery of ½ a trailer of pumpkins.  And we need your help in two ways.  1) We need people to help us unload the pumpkins.  The more people that show up, the easier the work will be! And 2)  We desperately need people to sign up to work the patch for the next few weeks.  This patch is not only an important outreach for our church, it is also a fundraiser!  And we need those funds badly this year.  So if you feel comfortable, please sign up here!
See you this Sunday at the WE VOTE EVERY TIME place!
Yours in Christ,
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