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Collin's Weekly Column: Engage in Community

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
I want to invite you to join me in a great opportunity to ENGAGE IN COMMUNITY!  This Saturday at 8:30 AM, we’ll meet in the church parking lot and drive 10 minutes north into Independence Heights to begin renovating a home.  This home, located at 810 Spell St. was flooded in Harvey, and the occupant has not been able to afford to have any work done to her home whatsoever.  As such, we will remove all the belongings that remain, and sterilize them.  While that happens, another group will begin to remove all flooring and the walls.  This is a big project, and we need many hands divided into two groups:
  1. Sanitation
  2. Demolition
The sanitation team will be cleaning everything we remove the house to a very specific standard required to be able to reuse, and the demo team will be removing the floors and walls.  Rebuild Houston and Hope Disaster Recovery will be providing all materials and tools, so just bring a lunch and yourself!
Please click here to register to volunteer. 
Hope to see you Saturday in the WE SERVE OTHERS place.
Yours in Christ,
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