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Collin's Weekly Column: Division?

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Last week in worship, we began a new sermon series called, “What would Jesus say…” and we talked about money and what Jesus might say to us about money.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at a few hot button topics such as the divided nature of our nation, mental health, as well as, diversity & sexism. 
This week, we’ll talk about division in general.  Jesus wouldn’t be surprised by division.  Further, and perhaps not surprisingly,  Jesus didn’t turn away from people who felt divided from their neighbors or loved ones.  The question is what do we do with this divisiveness?  Is it wrong?  Should we be making attempts to join together with those from whom we’ve previously been divided?  What would Jesus say to us about living in divided times?  We’ll address these questions and more this Sunday, and I hope that you’ll join us!
See you this week in the WE’RE ACTUALLY UNITED place!
In Christ,

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