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Collin's Weekly Column: Feed the Hungry

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Last week in worship, we experienced a wonderful Sunday together. We took a break from the “Love Like Jesus” sermon series and heard the Pentecost story. I talked about how the Holy Spirit might be at work in our church AND we celebrated the confirmation of one of our youth for the first time in a decade.  It was a great day!  This week in worship, we will return to our sermon series for the remainder of June. 
At the beginning of the Love Like Jesus series, we talked about how Jesus often went through a great deal of trouble (and greatly inconvenienced those traveling with him) just to show a single person that not only were they valued, but indeed loved greatly by God.  Now, as we close in on the last few sermons in this series, we’ll switch our focus to times when Jesus specifically told those around him to show God’s love.  On Sunday, we’ll read from Mark 6:15-44 when Jesus and his Disciples were essentially followed to their vacation spot.  When Jesus saw the very crowd from which he was trying to escape following him, he didn’t shy away and he didn’t recoil.  Rather, he had compassion for them.  He turned to his Disciples and said, “These people must be hungry.  Feed them.”  As Jesus commands the Disciples, so too he commands us.  When we love like Jesus, we feed the hungry! 
When Jesus told his Disciples to feed the hungry, he literally meant, “Feed the hungry!”  Are we also to feed the hungry?  You bet!  Does Christ also mean so much more than just feed hungry people?  Indeed he does!  I hope you’ll join us this week in worship as we explore what else it means to, “Feed the hungry.”
See you on Sunday in the WE HUNGER IN MANY WAYS place.
In Christ,
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