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Collin's Weekly Column: Steps Towards Tithing

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Don’t forget that we’re in stewardship season!  That means that I’m hopeful that you’ll be considering what and how much you give to the church each week.  Some of us don’t like talking about money, but it doesn’t bother me because Jesus talked about money all the time.  Did you know that he actually talked about money more often than most other topics?  It’s true.  Money and what we did with it were important to Jesus, and so it matters to us. 
The expectation is that you give and you give regularly.  I hope that you’ll consider an increase in your gifts in 2020 so that we can continue our important work in the Heights.  I also hope that you’ll consider a tithe, which is a full 10% of your income, to the church.  This is the Biblical expectation, and while there are many of us who tithe, there are several who do not.  If you don’t currently give 10%, consider ways that you work towards that over the coming years.  Do you know what percentage you give?  Start there, and then begin looking at ways you can change your spending habits to try to give a sacrificial gift to the church.  For each person this will be different, but we are capable of much. 
When I give my stewardship moment in worship on February 2, I’ll be talking very specifically about our budget, where we get our money and how it gets spent.  Our church has a larger budget than most our size, and I’ll be talking about that, too.  I hope you make it!
See you this Sunday in the WE ARE GENEROUS place!
In Christ,

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