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Collin's Weekly Column: Town Hall Survey

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
On Sunday, June 23 I invite you to attend our Townhall Meeting after worship in the Sanctuary.  I’ll be leading a discussion surrounding the issue of inclusivity with regards to human sexuality in the United Methodist Church and what, if anything, our church should do about it.  Specifically, I’ll begin to ask the question of whether or not Grace UMC should consider joining the Reconciling Ministries Network.  You can learn a bit more about this organization by visiting their national website or the local chapter in the Texas Annual Conference (or both).
At the conclusion of this meeting, I expect no action.  We will not be voting on anything as this is just the first conversation of many, but I think that it is important enough to bring to your attention.  We live in a tenuous time as far as the United Methodist Church is concerned, and what we decide to do during these times must be thought through carefully, and any actions we take must be intentional.  In advance of this meeting, I hope you will take this survey.  The survey will give me a little context to where we are in regards to human sexuality and will help guide my comments.
Whether this townhall meeting leads to something formative is entirely up to you, the members of this historic church.  While I will, of course, be an advocate of any action that presents us to the world as a church where all of God’s children are welcome, in the end, the decision lies in your hands.
Some of you might say, “We already welcome everybody.  Why do we need to do this?”  And while it is true, our church has always been warm and welcoming, there is a substantial difference in 1) simply allowing a person to discover by chance that they are welcome at our church and 2) being proactive about seeking out those who may have been shunned or otherwise told that they are not welcome by the church.
I’m rather looking forward to this conversation, and I hope you will make plans to be present!
See you this Sunday at the LOVE LIKE JESUS place.
In Christ,
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