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Collin's Weekly Column: Upcoming Sermon Series

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
My family and I spent last week in San Antonio seeing the sights and riding the rides.  We had a ton of fun, and while it was great to get away for a bit, I was so glad to be back in church last Sunday.  I spent a few minutes at the beginning of my sermon sharing the new sermons series we have coming up in the next few months.  I wanted to share that here, too, along with a few dates.
Last week, we began our current sermon series, “Sermon on the Mount:  A Guide to Our Faith” and we’ll continue that series until August 18th.  This series will focus on some of the major parts of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount during which he clearly spelled out several keys of our faith.
Sunday, August 25th will be our annual Back to School Sunday!  We’ll collect backpacks and school supplies and donate them to children who otherwise might go without.  We’ve partnered with Burrus Elementary in Independence Heights to identify students and families who need these supplies.  That Sunday, we will also begin a new sermon series that I am very excited about called, “The Toy Story Gospel.” Over the course of four weeks, we’ll learn about the life lessons that Buzz, Woody, and the gang teach us.  We’ll also see where those same lessons are reflected in the Gospels.  I’m hopeful that we can arrange a time where our whole church family can go and watch Toy Story 4, which is currently in theaters!
Then, beginning on September 22, we’ll start a three-part sermon series called, “Jesus Said What?!”  We’ll examine some of the tougher things Jesus said, and perhaps some things we wish he wouldn’t have said at all. 
In October, we’ll begin a four-part sermon series called, "The Gospel According to the Greatest Showman."  The Greatest Showman is a movie that was released in 2017, and has some fantastic songs in it, all of which lend themselves as metaphors for the Gospel.  This will also be our STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN, so it's never too early to begin thinking and praying about your financial gifts to Grace in 2020.  Commitment Sunday will be on November 3, so add that important date to your calendar today!
Finally, the last series of the Christian year will be a three-part series called, "Confronting You Anger" based on a book entitled Coping with your Anger:  A Christian Guide.  We'll make these books available prior to this sermon series so we can all read it together.  Anger is something that pervades our society, and I'm hopeful this series will help some of us not only feel less anger but help all of us better deal with anger when it is directed towards us.
This Sunday, we'll continue our newest sermon series by looking at another part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount by asking what Jesus said about revenge.  Some people deserve revenge, don't they?!
See you this Sunday in the REVENGERS place.
In Christ,
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