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Collin's Weekly Column: We Need Shepherds

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Our first Vacation Bible School (in a while) is just 18 days away!  I am really looking forward to it, and I hope you are, too.  As I’m sure you know, to ensure a great experience for the children, we need lots of volunteers.  Specifically, we need shepherds.  The children will rotate from station to station, and the shepherd will be responsible for making sure the children know where to go.  If you want to help, this is a great way to interact with the children.   All you need to do is show up!  If you’d like to serve in this capacity, please register here.
Looking forward a few weeks, don’t forget that our quarterly Church Council meeting will be happening after church on Sunday, June 2nd.  Our 2019 emphases have been to INVEST IN CHURCH FAMILY and ENGAGE IN COMMUNITY, and during this meeting, you’ll hear a few reports on how we’re making good on those promises.
This week in worship, we’ll continue the series, “Love Like Jesus” as we examine a passage in scripture where Jesus crossed a body of water and entered foreign territory to do nothing else but seek out one person.  This person was deeply disturbed and had banned from society, but that didn’t deter Jesus.  This week, we’ll learn how if we love like Jesus, we love even those everyone has cast aside.
I hope to see you this week in the LOVE THE LEAST place.
Yours in Christ,
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