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Collin's Weekly Column: Won't You Be My Neighbor

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Be on the lookout for new adult Bible study opportunities taught by myself and a children's study will be lead by Mary Gossett.  We haven’t nailed exact start dates yet, but this will be a weekly Bible study that will be appropriate for people of all ages.  I need your feedback though!  Would you like this opportunity to include dinner?  Just reply to this email to let me know your preference!
Also, this week in worship we start a totally new sermon series called, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”  Over the next few weeks, we’ll examine what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Did he mean our literal neighbors (as in the ones who live near us?), or was there more to it than that?  We’ll even ask questions about your neighbors!  Some of us are great neighbors and are involved in the lives of our neighbors, while some of us don’t even know our neighbors.  What would Jesus have us do?  We’ll spend some time talking about that over the next few weeks.
This week, we’ll talk about a topic that I was frankly surprised when I realized what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Before we can even get to our neighbors, Jesus tells us that we must love ourselves.  What does that look like?  Sometimes the harshest critic of our work and our well-being isn’t a boss or a friend – it is ourselves.  What does love of self mean?  Tune in this Sunday to find out!
See you this week in the LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR place!
In Christ,

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