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Collin's Weekly Column: The Reconciled Church

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
I want to use my column this week to talk about a ministry within the United Methodist Church that I am very interested in affiliating our church with.  The ministry is called, “The Reconciling Ministries Network” or RMN.  RMN is a ministry that exists solely to ensure that the rights of gay and lesbian Methodists are considered and supported.  This is necessary simply because the Book of Discipline (our church law) currently excludes LBGT persons in ways that I am not comfortable with.  If we decide to affiliate with RMN, it isn’t an overnight process.  We’ll meet together to discuss it as a church family, we’ll draft a statement of inclusion that specifically states that we welcome all persons including gay people to our church, and we’d be listed on their website as a place where gay people can worship.  Would this make us a gay church?  By no means.  In my opinion, it would simply formalize what we already practice – all are welcome here.
This week in worship, we turn to our second word in our sermon series, “Seven Last Words” by examining the word TRUTH.  How do we know what is true?  Further, how do we convince others what truth is?  In a time where disinformation is so common, where do we turn to for truth?  We’ll discuss this and more on Sunday!
See you this weekend at the TRUTH FILLED place.
In Christ,

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