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This Week in Worship

Greetings all in the name of Christ!

Thus far in our sermon series on Major Questions of the Bible, we have covered a lot of ground.  As this point, I am planning to preach this series until the first Sunday in Lent which is March 10th.

This week in worship, we’ll turn to the concept of predestination.  Many denominations of Christianity believe that salvation is offered only to very few people.  Not only that, but the names of the people who will receive salvation have already been written down in some book somewhere and the book can neither have names added nor subtracted.  Or, put another way, there is NOTHING one can do to be saved if one’s name has not been chosen.  Is that true?  Are there only a few people who will meet us in heaven?  Will we ever get to heaven??  It’s a tough thing to think about.

Predestination fits right in line with a phrase that we throw around frequently: God’s plan.  If it isn’t in God’s plan, can it happen at all?  Further, does that mean that all the bad stuff we see happening to good people is God’s plan?  Was Hurricane Harvey and the horrific toll it took on our region part of God’s plan?  If God is in control, why does bad stuff happen?

We’ll address this and more this week in worship!

See you in the WORSHIP place this Sunday (if it’s predestined)!

In Christ,

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