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We are richly blessed, and part of growing in our discipleship is sharing those blessings with God and the community.  When we first meet Christ, we are overwhelmed by God's lavish grace and care.  The more we grow in faith, the more we are drawn to emulate the ways of Jesus.  This includes giving our lives to see God's work done in the world.  On the 23rd of October, you'll be asked to bring your commitment card to worship and make a pledge for 2023.


This pledge does help us plan ministry for the coming year.  But we do not ask for pledges only to look at our financial position.  The act of promising resources to God is an act of faith.  It asks you to trust in the provision of God and to commit yourself to the work of making disciples in the coming year.  This is an essential step in every person's faith life.  Begin considering with your 2023 step looks like.


If you have never given or volunteered, make 2023 the year you start; gifts of every size make a profound difference.  If you sometimes give, commit to a regular schedule of offerings.  Make that pledge between you and God, trusting that you will be equipped to carry it through.  Consider moving to automated electronic giving to make it easier.  If you are a regular giver, look at your finances and begin working toward a whole tithe.


God has surely blessed us with more than enough to reach our neighbors with the good news.  I hope you will join me in committing to that work for 2023.


Commitment Brochure

Budget Planner

Letter from Pastor Kate

State of Grace 2022

Electronic Giving Letter

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