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A Message from Mary: Blessings On Our Children

Thank you to everyone that brought school supplies and uniforms for the students of Burrus Elementary! It was a lot of fun to decorate the altar with some of the school supplies and to hide the rest behind and beside the altar.  I boxed up most of the materials before I thought to do a count of everything, but my estimate is that we brought 30 uniform pairs, 80 backpacks, 60 pair of undies, an entire box of glue sticks (at least 100), a big box of pencils and pens (200 plus), a box of scissors, several boxes of crayons/markers/colored pencils (20-100 of each), a few giant boxes of file folders (100 plus), and over 100 packs of lined paper. And that doesn’t cover the binders, expo markers, sanitizing wipes, or hand sanitizer that we sent. In short, we took three carloads of school supplies over to the school. My contact at the school said they definitely received everything that they needed, and she expected that this would last them the year!
On my second day of deliveries, I was sharing about the uniforms with the person who checks in visitors in the office. She was so surprised that we were able to give uniforms, and she told me what a blessing that would be to the students. I heard another official say that they had a few kids show up on the first day of school to be registered and that the uniforms or backpacks or other things could be used right away. We don’t know who will receive the items we donated or what is going on in their lives, but we have asked God to bless the supplies and those that receive them. Our gifts can help the teachers and students get off on the right foot.
Since we have joined the parents learning to navigate schools, car lines, and school communications, I’ve been reading a few tips on how to transition well to back to school. The one that stuck with me was to put a picture of the family in your child’s pencil bag. That way they will see friendly, smiling faces whenever they go into their bag to get out a piece of supplies for work. I hope that the colorful backpack tags that we passed out on Sunday will also be a pleasant reminder to students that they are loved and prayed over by their church family. If you didn’t get one last week, we have plenty of tags that say “Peace Be Upon You” tags that will be available in the Narthex.

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