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A Message from Mary: Messy Church Discipleship

Tonight is Messy Church, and it’s all about Easter! Well, it’s actually about Holy Week, but Messy Church is designed to be friendly to children and visitors who may not know our church language yet. Easter sounds way more fun than Holy Week, but Holy Week paints the entire picture of why Easter is so important.
Messy Church is a great way for people, who may not be comfortable going to church on a Sunday, to get involved and learn more about the Bible. It encourages parents to stay with their children and learn what they are doing, which means they have a common story to tell. It lets children be children, and they can engage the Bible stories through crafts, songs, food, and worship. Parents can connect with other parents, and parents and children connect with volunteers, who may span a generation gap.
Messy Church IS church, it just looks a little different than what we’re used to on Sundays. Come and check us out, or volunteer tonight from 5:30-7pm. I am also leading a training session on Messy Church, next Wednesday, April 10 at my Christian Educator’s Lunch. You can learn more about Messy Church or share your experiences with other educators who are wanting to learn:
One last bit of housekeeping, our Egg Hunt is Saturday, April 13, from 10am-12noon. If you would like to see how you can help invest in the people of our community, you can go here to sign up to volunteer for the egg hunt: Please remember to bring any small, non-chocolate candy or eggs to church this Sunday!
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