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A Message from Mary: Sabbath

I oddly found myself restless at the end of last week. Vacation Bible School was done. We scrambled to make the house ready for company, so it was still clean. I didn’t have to do laundry because I had done a lot during the week because I wanted a clean VBS shirt to wear each day. Most of my television shows are on hiatus for the summer… so I turned to a book! I love reading, but I haven’t made much time for it lately, to my detriment.
I was able to find a book I started reading called, The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World’s Most Beloved Neighbor by Amy Hollingsworth, and started reading it again. It was so refreshing to read, especially a book that reminded me that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy things. It’s okay to take a Sabbath break.  I’m really bad at Sabbath breaks.
One summer, as a youth and children’s director, I had five camps in six weeks. Some were away camps like Lakeview and UM ARMY. Some were really short, like the Big House mission trip. Some were on campus like VBS and Fine Arts camps. That’s a ton of camps to fit into a very short amount of time, even if it is for my job. After each camp, I build in a Monday off, but with a schedule that closely packed together, it was impossible to always get time off. After that crazy, exhausting summer, I advocated more for myself and when and where camps needed to be so that I could build in time off.
It’s okay to take time off to recharge. It’s okay to unplug once you get home. It’s okay to wait to return that text or email until the next day. And it’s really okay to take a Sabbath. A Sabbath is a time to rest, but it’s an intentional time. Some used to take an entire day to rest, but in our modern lifestyle, it might be easier to take a Sabbath for a few hours. A Sabbath should include intentionally disconnecting from technology, not working, or doing chores. A Sabbath can include music, outdoor time, reading, family time, and so on. But intentionally taking the time to tune out of the noise and tune into your own inner voice and God is really important.
In my week between VBS and summer camp at Lakeview, I will be intentionally practicing more Sabbath time. I hope you will too.
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