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A Message from Mary: Who is Coming to Our House?

One of my favorite finds when I was searching for children’s Christmas books is called, “Who is Coming to our House?” by Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff. The book focuses on how the animals prepared for Jesus’ arrival. The little mouse announced that someone is coming to their house, and everyone wants to know who as they prepare. Most of the animals clean, and a few gave things to prepare the bed for Jesus. Even the spider made a new web. I talked with the kids in chapel about how funny that was, because when I prepare for company, I sweep out the cobwebs. But here the spider is making new webs, because that is what the spider does and it is the only gift that it can give Jesus.
It’s so easy to get swept up in preparations during Advent. We only have so much time to decorate the house, clean for company, buy and wrap presents, attend holiday parties or children’s performances, and if there’s time, church. But the children laughed when I asked if the animals prepared for Jesus by putting up a tree or lighting the Advent wreath. They prepared their homes and their hearts for Jesus.
In your time of preparation, don’t forget the reason we are preparing in the first place! Make room for Jesus in your heart and home.
If you have room in your schedule on Sunday to help us give to others, we are wrapping the Angel Tree gifts in the Fellowship Hall. We will have a potluck lunch following the Sunday services, and then we will start wrapping. Please remember to bring your gifts, and if you are able to, please bring wrapping paper, tape, and scissors.
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