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Collin's Weekly Column: Rewrite the Stars

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
Don’t forget that the pumpkins for our all-important pumpkin patch fundraiser will arrive this Sunday, October 20 at 12:30 PM.  I hope you’ll make plans to stick around after worship and unload pumpkins as many hands make light work.
Also, I want to encourage you to attend worship this week as I’ll be addressing an important topic from the pulpit: Racism.  It is an ugly word, and an ugly thing but it altogether too common.  I want to say a few words from the gospel, and what Jesus might have to say about it.  This fits neatly into our sermon series, The Gospel According to The Greatest Showman because while the movie portrays PT Barnum as a family-oriented, grounded man, that fact of the matter is that he was a racist person.  We’ll listen to a song from the movie called, “Rewrite the Stars” that is sung by a mixed-race couple who cannot be open with their love for each other for fear of public retribution.  I wonder how often that still happens today?  Certainly not AS often, but if it happens at all, it is too often.
I know this may not be a popular topic, but it is one that our society grapples with – more so now than at any point in my 37 years.  Since we grapple with it in society, we need to grapple with it in church, too.
I hope to see you in the REWRITE THE STARS place this Sunday.
Yours in Christ,


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