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Collin's Weekly Column: Stewardship Season

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
I want to use this week’s column to remind you that we are in the midst of our stewardship season!  Stewardship time is when we are intentional about thinking about our financial gifts to the church.  Most of you are very generous with the church, but I want you to consider a few things over the next few weeks:
  1. Have you ever pledged before?  Pledging means you take a card (which you will receive in the mail next week) and think about a weekly, month or annual number that you can commit to.  This card helps us know how much money to expect over the next year and helps us to create and approve a budget.  Budgets are important, which makes your gifts even more important so we know how to best put your gifts into ministry.
  2. Has your pledge remained the same over the past few years?  If so, this year is the year to step up!  By keeping your pledge the same, your gift actually goes down in value as inflation rises.  If this is the case for you, I want to challenge you to increase your pledge by 3-5% so that you can keep up with natural inflation.  This is important to a church like Grace that is always looking to make sure that our combined gifts are put to the best possible and least wasteful use!
Make a pledge and step up your giving!
See you this Sunday in the ROOTED IN FAITH place.
In Christ,
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