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Collin's Weekly Column: The Grudge

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
This week in worship, we’ll continue our Making Room sermon series.  Last week, I spoke about the need for repentance and this week, I'll talk about a similar topic in forgiveness and grudges.  Around the holidays, we tend to see and hear from people that we don’t see or hear from on a regular basis.  This can range from in-laws to old friends, and most of the time it is a good time.  For some of us, seeing extended family can bring up old grudges or remind us why we don’t invest much time in seeing these people.  Perhaps a harsh word was said over a dinner, or perhaps it was something more significant than that.  Maybe for you, your grudge isn’t towards a family member but a co-worker or a former friend.  At the risk of giving away my entire sermon, when we hold grudges it doesn’t effect anyone but us – the person holding the grudge. 
On Sunday, we’ll talk about how letting go of our grudges and forgiving the person against whom we hold the grudge can be such a freeing experience and a worthwhile investment.  I hope that you’ll be able to join us!

See you this week in the FORGIVNESS IS FREEING place.
In Christ,


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