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Collin's Weekly Column: Transfiguration

Greetings all in the name of Christ!
This Sunday will be the third Sunday in Lent and marks a sort of halfway point in the season.  Did you start a Lenten Discipline?  How are you doing with it?  Good, I hope!  What about those of you who picked up a Lenten Reading Guide – Are you keeping up with the reading?  28 chapters over the course of 46 days aren’t too bad!  If you haven’t been reading Matthew’s gospel with us, I would encourage you to pick up our Lenten Reading Guide in the sanctuary and try to catch up.
This week in worship, we’ll be discussing Matthew 17:1-8.  This is called commonly called, “The Transfiguration.”  And actually, there is a time in the church calendar called Transfiguration Sunday that happened a few weeks ago, but I wanted to save this special scripture for our Matthew series.  During this scripture, something very strange happens to Jesus and only a few of his Disciples witness it.  We’ll discuss the Transfiguration, what it might have looked like by looking at various pieces of historical art, what the Disciples might have been thinking and, most importantly, what the Transfiguration means for us today.  I hope you’ll be able to join us this week!
See you this Sunday in the TRANSFIGURED place.
In Christ,

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