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Mary's Message: Difference Makers


“How very good and pleasant it is when people live together in unity.” This stanza from Psalm 133 has been running through my head ever since they started speaking of unity during the Presidential Inauguration. If you watched any of it, you know that they said that a lot.
My favorite Christian Educator uses music to teach children, and he wrote the song that continues to rattle in my brain. But that’s the mark of a good children’s song; it sticks with you and teaches you something. In this case, it’s all about what it means to live in unity. The chorus goes, “We’ll get more done, when we live as one. We’ll have more fun, when we live as one. We’ll laugh and run, underneath the sun, when we all live as one.”
Unity doesn’t just mean that we all look alike and think alike. When we come together, from different walks of life, with different ideas and priorities, we can make something truly beautiful. When I was in business school, we learned why it was best to not just surround yourself with people who look and think like you. If you only talked to people just like you, you would never get different opinions, never see potential pitfalls that you didn’t think of, and never see any potential avenues that you might explore. We can be unified and diverse at the same time, even if it seems like an impossible ideal.
I am reminded of the Peaceable Kingdom which can be found in Isaiah 11: 1-9. We ascribe the verse to Jesus and often read it during Advent. It speaks of a future that includes impossible scenarios: when the wolf will lie with the lamb, the leopard lies with the young goat, the calf and the lion together, and a little child will lead them. These things seem impossible, but nothing is impossible for God. We can pray and hope that God will guide all of our leaders, those elected and those in the streets so that we can heal as a country and move forward. May God continue to draw us closer to one another as we work together to bring the Kingdom of God here upon the earth.







How Sweet it is to be Taught by You
I know a lot of us kept looking forward to 2021 as the year when things would finally get back to normal. I still catch myself almost saying things like, “2020 y’all!” and then realize it’s actually 2021. We aren’t there yet, but I think we will be closer to normal by the summer. I know we are all going through a long, hard struggle with this terrible disease, and you must all be as frustrated as I am about the slow roll out of the vaccine, but I still cling to hope that things will improve.
One of the best ways I know to combat the blues that come with difficult situations is to do something nice for others. I contacted our Wrap Around Specialist at Burrus and explained how we sometimes did sweet things for the teachers. I know that all teachers are stressed more than usual right now, and I asked if we could do something small to give them a pick me up. We settled on a little treat of candy, so if you would like to help us in our effort to treat the staff and teachers of Burrus, would you pick up a small bag of candy? The bag should have individually wrapped candies in it (so no big bag of M&Ms, they should be individually packaged). You can drop it off at the church between now and February 7. They have 45 teachers and staff at Burrus, so we can package up baggies of goodies to pick up their spirit.
I look forward to the future with hope, and let us share that hope with others as we care for them.


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