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Mary's Message: Easter Sunday

Easter is coming!

After the Lentiest-Lent ever for the past year, it finally feels like Easter is coming and that life can begin again.

Imagine that first Easter morning. All was lost. Jesus was dead. He was buried. The women were going to pay their last respects and prepare his body for its final resting. Hope was gone. All of those expectations about things finally being different and finally having someone save them from the oppression they experienced under Rome seemingly died with Jesus. All of the things he taught them about his death and resurrection were forgotten or buried by the grief they were experiencing. After all, why would they really expect someone to overcome death?

But that was not the end of the story. They did not stay in the despair of Good Friday. Easter came, and it continues to come.

We are already seeing signs of new life. People have received vaccinations. Reunions are beginning to happen slowly. Grandparents get to see grandchildren. Hugs are had. Meals are shared.

Things will be different, but things were different after the resurrection too. I know that God will continue to work in and through us as we recover from the pandemic and figure out together what it means to be the church in this new world.

I hope to see you at Messy Church to celebrate Easter on April 3, from 3-4 p.m., at an Easter service, or by worshipping with us online.


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