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Message from Mary: Make a Difference for that One Starfish

During Hurricane Harvey, I remember watching the news constantly and feeling a sense of overwhelming dread. There was so much devastation. So many people needed help. How could I, one person, do anything to assuage this pain?
And then I got out and did something! It was extremely cathartic to work with my hands to muck out a church member’s house, to share an unused mini fridge with a friend, and to help sort through mountains of donations. I was one person, and I could only do a little, but my little combined with everyone else’s made a big difference!
You may have heard this story before. (Maybe even from me.)  There was a boy walking along a seashore littered with starfish. He would pick up one, toss it into the ocean, walk a few more steps, pick up another and toss that one in too. All the while, more were washing up as he walked along.  An adult asked him why he was doing it since he couldn’t save them all. The boy answered that he made a difference to that one.
We may not be able to solve food insecurity in Houston, but we can make a difference in the lives of some children at Burrus Elementary. HISD is able to provide meals during the week for all children in the district, but there is no food program for the weekends. So we are stepping in to mind the gap, and help out 21 children. If you can spare a few minutes on Sunday, please come help us pack a month’s worth of bags that will be distributed to these students each Friday.

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