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Weekday School

Tuition & Fees

Grace Weekday School tuition is due every Monday that your child is in care. Tuition is late on Tuesday morning. The late fee is $25.00 which is payable with the week’s tuition. If tuition has not been paid by Wednesday, your child may be taken out of attendance until tuition is paid.
Any family that has more than one child at the center will receive a 10% discount on the other child paying the lesser tuition. Children must live in the household to receive this discount. Tuition stays the same if your child is absent any amount of days. Tuition also stays the same if there are holidays or days closed during the week. You may take two weeks out of the year that your child does not attend the day care and pay only half of your regular tuition to hold the slot.  Your child’s enrollment date will begin your year.

Fees & Registration:
One time registration is $150 per child + $150 supply fee per child per year


Tuition Schedule

Age Cost
8 Weeks -12 months of age | must be immunized $270 per week
13-17 months of age $245 per week
18-23 months of age $230 per week
2 years of age $205 per week
3-5 years of age $195 per week


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